The International Poker Rules

The International Poker Rules is a standard set of rules which are established in 2008 by founding father of the FIDPA, Marcel Luske and co-author Michelle Lau. Marcel’s opinion was that the pokerworld needed a standard set of rules, so a pokerplayer will always face the same set of poker rules in every tournament. Luske asked pokerplayers and tournament directors through the whole world what their experience and opinion were and found out that an international set of rules would serve the pokercommunity at best.  

After publishing the rules many poker players gave their support to the International Poker Rules. Some examples: Phil Ivey, Phil Helmuth, John Duthie, Antonio Esfandiari, Eli Elezra, Patrik Antonius,  Paul Jackson and Kenny Hallaert. 

Rules updated in 2018. 

The first version of the International Poker Rules were published in 2008, after updates in 2009 and 2013 the FIDPA updated the rules in 2018 again. The newest version of the International Poker Rules is published in 2018.  The International Poker Rules are free to use for non commercial use only. Casinos and poker operators can apply for a Partner License. After beeing Licensed, they profit from several benefits of International Poker Rules License programm. 

This website is originally written in English and translated with an automated translator. This affects the grammer on the pages. We are looking for people from the poker community who like to help the IP Rules with correctly translating the International Poker Rules to different languages. 

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    I support the International Poker Rules

    John Duthie International Poker Rules

    Phil Ivey

    It’s Poker I play globally, so one set of International Poker Rules is the most consistent and fairest way for everyone.

    Johnny Chan

    Playing with International Poker Rules is fair and consistent, and the best protection for players, amateurs and pros alike!

    Sam Trickett

    Poker rules should be international, consistent, and fair for all players, and available in writing before an event starts – just like FIDPA requires.

    Paul Jackson

    Bluffing is not my strongest part so i like the protection of playing by the International Poker rules from FIDPA.

    Simon Trumper

    IP Rules have been created after discussion and feedback from players at all levels, and finally challenging situations can be addressed.

    John Duthie

    To ensure that a universal set of transparent, international poker rules are adopted by all live venues for tournament poker, all credible casinos or card rooms should be using the IP Rules, and players should check that these rules are in place before playing at any venue.

    Chris Moorman

    It is dumb that there is not one set of International rules for poker currently. This needs to be fixed ASAP for the sake of the game so we can make sure that poker continues to grow throughout the world.

    Chris Moneymaker

    I like to compete and be the best. With International Poker Rules it’s a fair playground for all.

    Phil Helmuth

    Poker: a great international game that should be played the fairest way possible at all times, with International Rules!

    Antonio Esfandiari

    No magic or discrepancies, so play with the International Poker Rules, period.

    Tony Hachem

    Quote Quote Quote

    Patrick Antonius

    Add credibility and fairness to the game of poker globally, and play by International Poker Rules.

    Rob Yong

    I firmly believe that a worldwide uniform set of international rules for poker designed, reviewed and improved by a group of experienced players, is the way forward. As a venue owner myself, I embrace this concept.

    Stacy Matuson

    Poker once known as a man’s world with its many sets of rules, now has more class with one set of International Poker Rules showing fairness and equality.

    Erich Kollmann

    Poker event organizers invite international players from various countries. They should play by International Poker Rules, fair and consistent.

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