About FIDPA.

The Federation Internationale de Poker Association was established in 2007 by professional poker player Marcel Luske and President Michelle Lau. In 2002, as the founding father of the International Poker Federation (IPF), Luske successfully created a governing body for Europe.

Luske started raising standards and bringing awareness to help support and increase the international growth of the game of poker at first for europe. He restructured this European organization to expand his vision worldwide, and the former IPF re-emerged as FIDPA. Luske and Lau began FIDPA’s mission with the creation of “The International Poker Rules”.

This set of rules was developed because the poker world was facing to many different local, unfair house-rules. This caused a lot of problems for local and international poker players who were facing many different rules in each game they played on various casino-locations. 

Cooperation with TDA.

The International Poker Rules instant created coòperation with others, like the WSOP, TDA and Roberts Rules. 

The international Poker Rules cooperated with many experts within the poker industry. Bob Ciaffone; The Tournament Directors Association (TDA), WSOP, the Bellagio and many global authorities and resources. 

In 2008, FIDPA officially introduced the “International Poker Rules” at the Bellagio to provide uniformity and guiding principle for poker tournaments worldwide. With permission from the TDA, the “International Poker Rules” incorporates and references the latest version of the TDA Rules (as Tournament Director rules at first).

Casinos like Dusk Till Dawn and the Bellagio were one of the first organizations who signed for a FIDPA endorsement and use the International Poker Rules from that time. Many poker players supported the mission of the International Poker Rules

Mission and vision between 2007 and 2015

As a governing body the FIDPA took an active role to ensure the integrity, fairness and a level of standards for the industry and the players. The main mission of the FIDPA was to be one of the recognized leaders in promoting and developing the game of poker. As an independent organization the FIDPA provided fairness support, consistence and information for the global safety of the poker industry and its players.

New fire in 2017.

Between 2013 and 2016 the FIDPA was less active. In this period Michelle Lau left the organization and no updates were made. In 2017 Luske partnered up with Mathijs Jonkers, poker player and CEO of the Open Dutch Championship of Poker. Jonkers believed in the goals of the International Poker Rules. And the former FIDPA became active again with a new mission, vision statement. The FIDPA focus on the International Poker Rules and implementation of the International Poker Rules Globally.


  1. Takes an active role to ensure the integrity, fairness and a level of standards for the industry and the players.
  2. Serves as a resource for card room operators, tournament organizers and players safety through awareness, communication and education.
  3. Provides knowledge and support so the industry provides the most professional player-friendly environment for players to play in.

INTERNATIONAL POKER RULES strives to achieve its vision by:

  • Maintaining The International Poker Rules.
  • Updating The International Poker Rules together with poker players from throughout the world.
  • Promoting The International Poker Rules.
  • Implementing The International Poker Rules.
  • Educate card room and tournament staff about the International Poker Rules.

The main mission of the International Poker Rules as organization is to promote and implement the International Poker Rules worldwide as a way to protect the mutual interest & safety of the game and its’ players worldwide. The International Poker Rules are written towards the players safety at first of all times, as “without the players there is no industry!”

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