New International Poker Rules Released!

The International Poker Rules have been updated and are ready for the future with big plans coming up. The release of the new version of the International Poker Rules comes together with an announcement of instant coöperation with partypoker LIVE as one of the first partners with a new International Poker Rules licence. The first event with the new International Poker Rules will be the Millions Grand Final Barcelona.  

“After some interesting poker years, we updated the International Poker Rules and gave them a huge makeover. We are ready for a future with more fairness, button antes and shot clocks.” – Marcel Luske

The FIDPA, raised in 2018, had the mission that there should be one standard set of poker rules for the total poker industry. It started with a collaborating with Bellagio and Dusk Till Dawn, one of the best pokerrooms in the world, many collaborations with casino’s worldwide followed.  Many internationally known pokerplayers expressed their support to the International Poker Rules, including big names such as Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Sam Trickett, John Duthie and Mel Judah.

By the players, for the players!

The renewed version of the International Poker Rules has been created in collaboration with many players and tournament experts. This version is now ready for the future and ready to serve the global poker community. Where Luske formerly fed his knowledge through his daily presence at poker tournaments around the world, players now also have the opportunity to bring their questions, comments, ideas and proposals through the International Poker Rules -Players Community on facebook.

Shot Clock and Button Ante.

The International Poker Rules are updated to make sure all the poker games can run smooth and fair. Modern days corrections have been made and rules have been added to secure fairness. The most important added rules are the Shot Clock and the Button Ante. We chose for the button ante, because players prefer a button ante above a big blind ante. Choosing between a normal ante and button ante is still a possibility for poker organizers offcourse.

New website.

We updated the website to make it easier for the poker players and organizers to consult the International Poker Rules. On this brand new website, it’s also much easier to find a specific poker rule quickly. Too often, we see discussions at the table between the tournament staff and the players about the poker rules. This creates tension, as the rules often aren’t able to be shown at the casino and the staff can only tell people what the rule means instead of showing them the rule on paper. That is why this user-friendly website was a high priority for us. We give the tournament staff the opportunity to show the players the rules instantly. This will give the casino credibility and trustworthiness.

partypoker LIVE & Dusk Till Dawn first new partners.

We are happy to announce that partypoker LIVE is the first partner with the new International Poker Rules licence. The first event hosted with the International Poker Rules is right away one of the biggest tournaments in the world, the partypoker Millions Grand Final Barcelona. After this, all the partypoker LIVE events will be played with the International Poker Rules.

Dusk Till Dawn Nottingham is the UK biggest poker operator and has renewed the Licence. “DTD owner, Rob Yong & general poker rules expert Simon Trumper have been crucial in the support of the International Poker Rules from the start. They have been the initiator to keep using the International Poker Rules for many years and helped with the latest modifications.

The coöperation with Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker LIVE is the start of the new International Poker Rules and we believe that many casino’s or cardrooms have the priority to add fairness and thrustworthness to the organization in favor of the poker player. .

What can casino’s/cardrooms expect from the International Poker Rules?

Any poker operator that is guided by International Poker Rules will be taken positively serious by any poker player globally.  The casino’s or cardrooms who wants to collaborate with the international poker rules will be working with an independent organization that will make decisions in the best interest of the players and fairness of the game. Without poker players there isn’t a poker industry. An operator who uses the International Poker Rules will show the players that the they are important to them.

We give casino’s and cardrooms tournament guidelines, so players will be informed in a correct manner and can read how its done. The licensed operator doesn’t have to worry about publishing the rules on the website in the right way, because they can refer players with the link to the website of the International Poker Rules. For the service of the International Poker Rules it takes only a basic contribution starting from €10,- per month. “This is a price, we think is fair.”

Interested in the new International Poker Rules? Click here to read the rules. 

Interested in more information about an International Poker Rules Licence? Click here, fill in the contact form and our team responds as soon as possible. 

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